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The gracious golden palace of Mandalay

Built to an ancient prophecy
At the foot of the Mandalay hill
Surrounded by the eight white umbrellas
Of the Monarchs of the Universe

Glorious! People with offerings
Water and flowers in their hands
Praising the Emperor
The noble, the religious, the rich and the poor
Proclaim Long Live!
His golden power reaches the skies,
The Emperor, descendant of Buddha,
In peace and tranquility
Rules his people and his nation
From his golden palace

Aung Mingala, Maha Gita

The Great Songs praising the King were first heard in the

ancient 13th century kingdoms of Myanmar.

The 55 kings in Myanmar's history, deeply respected by

their people, were praised through music composed and

performed by court musicians.

These ancient songs and music traditions are documented

in the Maha Gita, which can be traced back to the ancient city

of Mandalay, the fountainhead of Myanmar's artistic and

theosophical culture.

Centuries later, Khing Zin Shwe and Shwe Shwe Khaing

continue the ancient traditions of the Maha Gita, performing

not for Kings, but for the people of Myanmar.

Voice Over The Bridge
is a musical collaboration, a coming together
of the ancient classical works by two traditional vocalists, and
contemporary western musicians

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