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The Great Songs (Maha Gita) praising the King were first heard in
the ancient 13th century kingdoms of Myanmar.

Centuries later, Khing Zin Shwe and Shwe Shwe Khaing sing the
Great Songs from an ancient past, in a music collaboration with
contemporary western musicians.

Voice Over The Bridge follows the lives of vocalists Khing Zin Shwe and
Shwe Shwe Khaing and their music, in
a documentary of an unexplored
and magical Myanmar.

Director: Ernest Hariyanto
Film Editor: Arturo Calvete
Production Manager: Reza
Lighting & Camera: Agung Dewantoro

Producer, Sound Design & Recording: Yotam Agam
Music Director: Patrick Sebag

Executive Producer: Sastry Karra
Producer: Sonya Mazumdar

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